Saturday, 28 March 2015

OUR NEW PRINTABLE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pngfile:///Users/Guest/Desktop/PRINTABLE.png - Click the link and u can download it as well as make it bigger if u wish u can change ur printer settings to do it.

We are in the current process of creating another printable.....................................

We are currently making a locker printable and u will be able to download it VERY SOON we will post it up once we get the link.

Description of locker:pink with a fashion magazine and white shoes picture the locker door is open.

CLOSED locker doors will be up as well BUT WE DON`T KNOW WHEN!!!!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Our recommendations of craft stores

We are a crafting - for dolls website and today we will be showing you the craft stores that we use to make our crafts.

no.1 Hobby craft
no.2Hobby Lobby
no.3 its bits india

just search up these craft stores and u will see awesome stuff! Hobby craft is first best craft store in our recommendations.
Hello today we will be showing you our basic craft supplies we use a gluestick ,a glue gun,cardboard,scrapbook paper,sissors and pencil.
down below are some videos which we show
our basic craft supplies.

the second video is made by my froggy stuff and the first video is made by me!

Sunday, 8 March 2015

How to print our printables

If u come across a time like this just read on for instructions if u have any questions u can comment them down below .

First u can drag a printable into your computer screen then open up word or I pages - if you have a mac.Or u can just click on our printable and print it however u print something.

Happy printing!

Open up word if u have windows as your computer - it is a computer 

u can adjust your printer settings if you want to make them bigger or smaller

Quick and easy printable FOR DOLLS

Just drag it to your screen open up word document and drag it there  OR click on it and print.

U just have to stick it on a piece to cardboard and cut out! easy as that!


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How to make doll candy apples

u will need: wooden beads coulered
                   cocktail sticks
                   Hot glue gun

First u have to cut your cocktail stick into the size u think is right for your doll.
Then put a little bit of glue inside your wooden bead and then quickly put the cocktail stick inside your bead.

BUT BE CAREFUL glue guns are very hot.

How to make doll popsicles

Things u will need: coulered paper
                                Cocktail sticks
                                mod podge

First cut your popsicle t the shape u think is big enough for your doll.Then get some coulered
 paper cut it into strips glue it on one side then wrap it around the cocktail stick.Get some mode podge and apply some at the top to make a close .

For american girl dolls or dolls like that i would use wooden dowels.

Have fun!

Friday, 13 February 2015

How to make a dolls book

U will need: some black duck tape Small pieces of lined paper.

First u need to get your pieces of lined paper and put them together strait and get some black tape to put it together to make a book

How to Make a tin can organiser

Watch this video to find out what u need

Sunday, 8 February 2015

How to create a dolls bed (EASY!)

You will need:
a box
needle and thread

First u need to get a box.Get some fabric and put it outside the box like doll bedding .To make the pillows you get some more fabric and stick but make sure you leave enough space to put some cotton inside. once you have put your cotton in the fabric sew it so that the cotton doesn't fall out.You can make more and put it on the bed .

Happy Crafting!

How to make doll bunk beds

Things u will need

lots of paperboard
glue or tape
paint or scrapbook paper
a doll
a pencil
doll bedding

First you need to meaure your doll with a pencil and mark at the paper board .Make lots of measures the same size and stack and glue or tape about six or seven .

Next u need to get another piece of dolls measured paperboard and stick to make the dolls stacked paperboard and make another one and stick to the other side.Then measure another different doll in paperboard and make lots stack and glue and like before get another piece of your dolls measured paperboard and stick to one side and then stick another piece at the other side.

Then paint  the dolls bunked or cover it all with scrapbook paper.After that get a line of paperboard and another one then get short pieces of paper board and stick them together to make a ladder.

                                                       Happy crafting